Acumen assists nonprofit organizations with the receipt and management of Federal funding. 

Accurate and timely reporting for federal or other government funding agencies is critical to a nonprofit's ability to obtain and maintain government grants and contracts.  The world of nonprofit accounting and compliance is ever-changing. OMB guidelines for regulatory compliance have recently changed.  The new Uniform Guidance, for example, has a substantive impact on management of federal grant funding.  Acumen provides dedicated expertise to navigate your nonprofit through challenging rules and regulations.  Our experience highlights work with organizations such as the National Science Foundation, NASA, USAID, and the National Institutes for Health, to name a few.  We have assisted in the creation of proposals, compiled required reporting, and successfully managed a wide variety of government reviews and audits.

Government oversight monitors how award funds are dispensed.  They look for compliance and internal controls within your organization.  As a result, tight policies and procedures stand front and center as overhead calculations can be subjected to audits, and always beg compliance.

Whether you are bidding on a modest federal grant or wish to maintain the one you have, we can perform the heavy lifting,  Once in place, we can train your staff to effectively manage and retain the contract.

Our expertise in federal funding and monitoring compliance covers: 

  • Award negotiation

  • Grant proposal design and development

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting requirements

  • Internal control design and monitoring

  • Compliant policies and procedure documents

  • Indirect cost submission and overhead analyses

  • Government audit and compliance support